Turning 30, Chicago, and some exciting news!


I'm thirty... thirty years old... and I can kick, stretch, aaaand kick! I'm thirty! (yes, this reference has been modified for my current age but I love it so I'm using it... cyber high fives to anyone who is not in my immediate family and can name the reference... comment below!)

I turned 30 in January and I'm actually quite pumped about it! I wasn't afraid of this birthday, but rather I awaited and welcomed its arrival. I've always been called an old soul and consistently throughout my life I've felt slightly older than my age so, for me, it was a happy occasion to leave my twenties behind and greet this new decade with open arms.

Anthony had been planning a birthday trip to Chicago for a few months and, while I knew we were going, there were some really great surprises involved. The first surprise was a show at The Second City (if you're not familiar with The Second City, it's a comedy club and improv school where many of my comedy heroes got their start... people like Amy Poehler, Tiny Fey, Rachel Dratch, Gilda Radner, Stephen Colbert, Chris Farley, Shelley Long, Jack McBrayer, Bill Murray, and Jason Sudeikis). My cheeks literally hurt from laughing by the end of the show. It was awesome!

But, the best surprise was when we checked into our hotel downtown and we got up to our room, two of our best friends, Kia & Dan, were waiting in the room across the hall from us! The weekend's theme was "Thirty, Flirty & Thriving" from the movie 13 Going on 30 (one of my favorites) and when we got off the elevator, Kia had Pat Benatar's "Love is a Battlefield" playing in their room and they were wearing Love is a Battlefield shirts that Kia had made for all of us... AND she gave me Razzles! It was awesome! I meant to take a picture of all of us in our shirts, but I totally forgot.

image (1).jpg

It was a great weekend with lots of great food, laughter, a wee bit of shopping, and just catching up with friends from home. It was a total miracle that it went that well, too, because I thought for sure I was going to ruin it with the intense morning sickness I had for three weeks leading up to the trip.............

Yes, you read that correctly... I'M PREGNANT!!!

As of today, I am about 12 weeks along, Baby Timlin is about the size of a plum, and he or she is due August 22nd!

We are both SO excited and SO in love already! But let me tell you, morning sickness is no joke, man. From 7.5 weeks to 10.5 weeks straight, I was throwing up all day, couldn't keep anything down - not even water, and ended up in the emergency room one night getting fluids pumped back into my system because I was so dehydrated and almost passed out just from getting my blood drawn. For three weeks, all I did was sleep, puke, cry, and drag myself to work where I puked and cried some more. Then, I had a good five-day-stretch where I felt about 85% (luckily, this took place over my birthday weekend), then it just came right on back... with a vengeance. ***EDITED to add that my "morning sickness" ended up being Hyperemesis Gravidarm and it ended up lasting into my third trimester.***

With what I experienced in those three short but looooong, painful weeks leading up to my birthday weekend, I cannot even begin to tell you how thankful I was to be feeling somewhat normal for that little bit and how happy I am that we, not only didn't have to cancel the trip, but actually got to enjoy it! Now I'm just desperately praying that Round 2 is short lived and nothing like yesterday - it was almost back to ER for me but, thankfully, I fell asleep and today is going a bit better. 

If you are or were one of those moms who is/was struggling with any stretch of severe morning sickness, please know that I have so much respect for you and I prayed for and thanked God for your strength often while I was hovering over the toilet or crying in bed. We are all rock-stars!

At 10 weeks, we had our first doctor's appointment where we got to hear Baby T's heartbeat - what a wild experience! Peace washed over me to know that, despite how awful I felt, my sweet little baby was okay in there. It's so crazy that something so tiny and still forming can already be so full of life, have such an impact on my physical health, and fill such a huge part of my heart!

And, of course, Anthony has been nothing but completely perfect and patient and absolutely wonderful. He has taken care of me, taken care of the dogs, taken care of the house, and has been the sweetest and most understanding husband ever. I find myself falling in love with him over and over again throughout this process and I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that he is going to be the best dad in the world - he already is! Wow! We are someone's mom and dad! Nutso!

We told our families over Christmas and it was so special! It was still pretty early, but we couldn't resist! For our parents, we gave them one box and inside were two little onesies - one said "Grandma thinks I'm perfect" and the other said "Grandpa's Trusty Sidekick". Everyone was shocked and so excited and there was lots of laughter and happy tears. I think people had given up on us having kids which kind of made it more enjoyable to tell them because nobody was expecting it. We waited until we were ready and we don't at all regret taking our time to get here. By the time Baby T is born, Anthony and I will have been together for over twelve years and married for over 7 of those 12... not many couples can say they've had that much time to experience life together, learn about one another, grow-up together, travel, and just plain hangout before starting a family. Those 12 years are extremely special to us and completely irreplaceable. They taught us so much about ourselves, each other, our faith, our God and have shaped us into the individuals and couple that we are today which is something I'm really proud of and have full confidence in as we head into this next season of life... as parents!

Baby T,
We are so honored that the Lord would entrust us with your precious life and we are so completely overwhelmed by how much we love you already! We cannot wait to meet you and learn who you are and see all of the good you are going to create in the world! We pray for you daily and our hope is that, above all else, you will live to know your Heavenly Father and how deeply you are loved by Him.
See you soon,
Mom & Dad <3