From glory to glory...


I have never known a day where I didn’t feel God. That is the absolute truth. From my very first memories to the this moment right now, I have never experienced a life apart from Him and I have known since I’ve been a very young girl that I have a calling on my life. I knew it when I shared the gospel on the playground in elementary and my teacher told my mom. I knew it when I wrote a long letter to one of my best friends in middle school about God’s love for him. I knew it when I led a friend to salvation in Jesus Christ on a bench by the football weight-room in high school. I knew it in college the first time I stepped out in faith while leading worship. I have always known that my soul’s purpose is to share Jesus with the world.

I never fully understood what it was supposed to look like, however, and I have stumbled my way through trying to steward that calling as an adult, but it has been there from the start and I could feel it and was aware of it just as much as I can feel and am aware of my hands or my feet. It has always been a part of me.

The past several months I’ve been in a wrestling match with God about this calling. I feel like He has had me laboring and waiting for a very long time to unwrap this great mystery of what this calling might look like. I’ve spent my life, so far, helping to grow other ministries, serving several different churches, and seeing the callings on the lives of others through. I’ve been working $14 days a majority of my life only to see and support so many people I love, my husband included, through their $20 moments in their ministries - and I’ve been happy to do it (especially for my husband). But throughout the past year, I have gone from sitting patiently on the sidelines in my parked car, waving other people through and helping them along the way to turning my key, revving my engine, and flashing my brights at God trying to let Him know that I AM READY… and, quite frankly, I’m tired of waiting. I know He is not going to let me go without, but it is becoming increasingly more difficult to rejoice with others during their $20 moments while I put in yet another $14 day… I’m not proud of feeling like that, I’m not embracing it, but I’m also not going to lie about it.

Two days ago, I could hardly stand it. It felt as though my whole body, from the inside out, was crying out to God. So I went home from work that night, pulled out my Bible, my notebook, and my iPad, watched an online sermon, and prayed. I asked God why, if He has overwhelmed me with this calling for my entire life, He would make me wait so long and why there hasn’t been much clarity or vision about what it is He wants me to do with it. I told Him I needed to hear from Him soon and that I needed Him to give me some sort of clarity and confirmation - in other words, I basically threw a temper tantrum like a little kid who is crying for their parents’ attention and begged God to show up and explain Himself… and He did.

Over the course of 36 hours, He flat out answered every single question I had, gave me confirmation on two pressing matters I had been praying wildly about, has given me so much vision and so many ideas that I can hardly keep up with it all, and explained something to me that I had been wondering about for quite some time. I won’t go into the details of all of that, but to give you an example of how good God is, I’ll share just one of the things He has done for me in the past 24 hours…

Last night, I kept thinking of the verse that says we are being transformed into His image “from glory to glory” (2 Corinthians 3:18). I feel like I’ve always needed that phrase to be clarified for me. It’s skimmed over during sermons, it’s sung about with vagueness in worship and, maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always been a bit perplexed by it. So, I went to bed and just randomly asked God to show me what that meant (I figured I was already on a roll with asking Him for things, so why not just toss that into the mix).

This morning, on my drive in to work, I put a YouTube sermon on from Havilah Cunnington (because I’ve been on a roll with her, too), and went about my way. Within the first several minutes, she literally explains what that phrase means. I’m not even kidding. She says, and I’m paraphrasing, that from glory to glory means that God will bring us from one glory with Him to another, but the key is the “to” in the middle. The “to” is a season and the seasons that come between one glory and another, are oftentimes long, painful, frustrating, confusing, and we might even feel out of control. But, during the “to” is when we create personal history with God which is completely necessary to bring us to the next glory. And as she said that I heard the Holy Spirit say two things to me...

First, he said (with a chuckle) "Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you..."
(Matthew 7:7). Second, I heard Him say “my daughter, don’t you see? This verse you’ve been wondering about for so long is exactly the thing you’ve been living out with me this whole time. You’ve been in a very necessary ‘to’ season in which I have been preparing your spirit, building your character, and strengthening your confidence in Me and My glory is coming your way. But, don’t look too far ahead to the ‘glory’ that you miss what I’m doing in the ‘to’ right now. I am not a God who withholds from His children without purpose and I will give to you when the time is right. Trust the calling I have given you and trust Me - from glory to glory."

That, my friends, is the God I serve! He shows up - every single time. And, when He does, He takes the most random questions I have and applies them directly to my situation while covering me in grace. How sweet it is to be in relationship with Him!

There were several other things He has clarified and confirmed for me in the past day and a half and all of those things will be shared in due time, however, one of them I need to bring to light right now.

God gave me the green light, y’all! He has given vision to my calling, confirmed it, provided clarity, and I am at peace! The time has finally come for my ministry to begin! I'm taking a leap of faith and stepping into my calling, knowing His glory is waiting for me just around the corner, while I ride out the end of this “to” season. 

God is good and I could not be more pumped about that than I am right now!

It's about to get real "Holy Spirit" up in here!
Stay tuned...