Fall Datin'


Since Fall is my favorite season, it is a must that we have a Fall date every year. I love pumpkin patches, hay rides, corn mazes, donuts, (hard) cider, and the vivid colors all around! This year we literally had one day of October where we could actually make it happen and it happened to land on the Saturday following a senior high lock-in, the day of the MSU vs. UofM game, and it was really, really cold (it even snowed for a moment in the morning). We still went and had a great time, but the Fall festivities portion was pretty short due to the temperature and extreme exhaustion - especially for Anthony who ran the lock-in the entire evening (I left around 2 in the morning). 

The lock-in was great! I came up with an awesome idea (if I do say so myself) to have it be Tonight Show themed and we played a ton of games Jimmy Fallon plays with people on the show. Below is a picture from our "Box of Lies" set-up. You never know how a new game is going to go with teenagers, but for the most part, each game went pretty well and people got into it.

For more photos from our Tonight Show themed lock-in, head on over to my  Instagram  page!

For more photos from our Tonight Show themed lock-in, head on over to my Instagram page!

Once Anthony woke from his night of being Jimmy Fallon (and Taylor Swift), sometime around 2 in the afternoon, we got ready and headed to our Fall date at Uncle John's Cider Mill. We got some donuts and fritters, did a wine and cider tasting, walked around the property in the freezing cold, then decided to leave and go get dinner. It wasn't the most festive of our Fall dates, but it'll do! 

download (1).jpg
WHAT A BABE!!!! <3 <3 

WHAT A BABE!!!! <3 <3 

After dinner we went to the MSU vs. Rutgers women's volleyball game. We were missing the MSU vs. UofM football game during our date, but were keeping up on it with the car radio. It was looking pretty bleak and we had kind of given up hope before we walked into the game, but as we were sitting in the bleachers before the 2nd game began we heard this woman in the section below us start cheering and yelling, "we won! we won!" I looked down and saw she was looking at her phone and her entire section was going nuts, high-fiving each other and yelling, "we won!!!"

The announcer came on the speakers and told the field house that MSU beat U of M and it got wild! We Googled the winning play and, WOW, what a game!!! It was messy, but we walked away with a victory for MSU football and MSU volleyball (GO GREEN!) and a wonderful Fall date day with each other despite the cold and the sleepiness! 

I am infinitely grateful for date days with Anthony - even if we're running on empty and things don't go quite as planned! It's important to make time for each other in marriage, even if it means sacrificing something you were hoping to do (like sleeping all day after a lock-in then sitting at home watching football in your PJ's) or squeezing it into an event-filled weekend! It's hard sometimes since I work days and he mostly works evenings with youth group and meetings, but we make it work!

What kinds of Fall activities do you like to do? How do you and your spouse make sure to create time for one another?